Sunday, September 9, 2007

We Need Air America in Portland

We really need Air America in Portland, especially now, for the 2008 election.

The 2006 campaign against Olympia Snowe was an uphill battle to say the least, but the climate has shifted very much away from Republicans since, and Susan Collins is definitely vulnerable.

Snowe and Collins have the reputation of being "moderates", but when issues arise that are important to Karl Rove and the dark vampires of Wall Street that rule him, Snowe & Collins vote in lockstep like good Nazis.

The most precious right there is, vouchsafed since the year 1215 in the Magna Carta, a right without which all other rights are worthless (am I correct? What good is the bill of rights if you are in prison without access to counsel, or even having anybody know where you are, for an indefinite period?) — this precious right was thrown away by a majority of THREE SENATORS. If Snowe, Collins, and one other fake "moderate" had voted with the Democrats on Arlen Specter's amendment, that language would have been stripped from the infamous Military Commissions Act of 2006.

For a more thorough treatment of this issue, please see Snowe's letter vis-à-vis my several phone calls, and my reply to her letter, at Snowe (and Collins) turn their backs on Runnymede

I have created this blog because I believe that Air America was undermined by moneyed interests for no other reason that the seat currently held by Susan Collins.

Ask yourselves, why are the Democrats not getting us out of Iraq? Tom Andrews, former congressman from Portland, rightly said on The Rachel Maddow Show (Friday 9-7) that they could be denying funds, if they had the courage. But at the same time, Randi Rhodes also rightly said Friday that they can't kill a filibuster of any of their own legislation that will be raised by the GOP, because the Senate is too evenly split. Big gains in the Senate are the most important thing we can work for (besides warning people not to fall for another False Flag attack, not to surrender the Constitution in such an event, or in the event of an assault on Iran).

Please add your comments, and most especially share your ideas as to how we can bring Air America back to the airwaves in the Portland area.

Thanks a million for your participation

The Proud Primate